Altek - portes et fenêtres en aluminium - Aluminum windows and doors

Our creative process is collaborative. We meet the needs of our customers with a range of services, from design and planning, through engineering, manufacturing and installation.

Project planning & estimating

Effective planning will ensure successfully delivered projects. Our experienced team can help you plan your project smoothly through budgeting in phases, including unforeseen circumstances.



Design & engineering

Our strength is our ability to find innovative solutions for original projects. Specialists in the field of glazing, our team offers the design, analysis and helpful advice.


Manufacturing & installation

We are a local company manufacturing in-house instead of overseas, which gives us an edge in terms of timely delivery. We use the latest technologies and methods for building architectural glass and aluminum windows and doors that are designed specifically for our northern climate. Our glaziers and installers make sure that your installation is carried out accurately and adheres to the strictest specifications.