Altek - portes et fenêtres en aluminium - Aluminum windows and doors

Recommendations for the installation of your doors and windows

Installateur de portes et fenêtres en aluminium

Here are some recommendations that will ensure optimum performance of your ALTEK windows and doors

  • Have your products installed according to construction standards by professional installers.
  • Check that the top and bottom of the window are in the correct orientation, either with the support blocks at the bottom of the window or by looking at the direction of the ALTEK sticker on the glass panes.
  • When installing, make sure the opening is square and level, and make sure to keep the head, threshold and sides straight.
  • Once the installation is complete, insulate the space between the frame and the wall, AVOIDING COMPACTING THE INSULATION.
  • Test the opening and closing of your door or window. If you have any adjustments to make, it is best to do them before placing the mouldings and trims
  • Be careful to lubricate the moving parts of the hardware at least once a year.