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CSA-A440 and NAFS certifications

All our windows and doors have been tested, and all meet the CSA-A440 and NAFS standards.

Energy Star®

All ENERGY STAR certified products are tested for rigorous energy efficiency standards and certified by an independent organization. ENERGY STAR certified doors and windows are among the most energy efficient in their class, regardless of their material.

To obtain this certification, windows and doors must have:

High energy efficiency rating (ER) – ER balances thermal losses and heat gains. The higher the ER value, the more energy efficient the product is.

– or –

Low U-factor – U-factor measures the rate of heat transfer. The lower the U value, the more insulating the product is.

Learn more about our EnergyStar certifications:
Attention, this document is for information purposes. Please always validate this information with the Altek Windows and Doors technical service department.

Energy Star certifications